The new definition of a hotel suite.


Spending a night in a luxurious hotel suite is something many people associate with the perfect ambiance for a deep and relaxing sleep. But what are the key facts in reaching this special vibe of a dreamy hotel suite?

Even though you could think of luxury as something extravagant and the attitude of “the more the better” there has been a shift in the past couple of years in how luxury is being defined in terms of the hotel suite.

In this new definition of a hotel suite, there is much more space for individualization which has become a very important topic in the architecture and design world. Also, the urge for more nature and green has increased notably.

This is of course the result of the change of attitude in our society where sustainability is becoming such an important topic and forms our surroundings in a different, and better, future. Natural and sustainable materials such as stone, wood, linen, marble, or wool are giving the guests of a suite the impression of a more modern and accurate luxury.

Instead of glamorous headboards and heavy fabrics, the trend is definitely going in the direction of simplicity. It gives the guest more space to breathe, makes the interior look much lighter and cleaner, and is also a part of the sustainable lifestyle.

The color palette of the new definition of luxury hotel suite stays is also very simple. Earthy tones in combination with white, grey, and colors coming from nature, emphasize the idea of nature as its biggest inspiration.

But creating a space for dreaming is not only about choosing the right materials and colors. The lighting is extremely important as it all comes down to how the human eye reacts to light. The perfect solution is a dimmer where you can install the timing of when the light should switch into night mode.

Natural light plays also an important role in how we feel and how we sleep. The perfect situation would be to have the windows facing east so the body and the mind can wake up with the sun rising and giving the room an awakening of lightning.

We have come to realize that staying closer to nature will automatedly give us the right surroundings for better sleep. This is something you could think of when planning the bedroom at home as well.

In the end, sleeping is something we spend a third of our lifetime doing so it is a good idea to start thinking a bit more about how to create a better and more suitable bedroom. Imagine waking up every day feeling as relaxed as if you would have spent your night in a luxurious hotel suite.

So spend a night in a hotel suite, get inspired, and increase your quality of sleep long-term by copying some of the new trends in how to reach your sweetest dreams in a sustainable environment.

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