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During this turbulent time, you are probably finding yourself thinking: Should I sell my Hotel? We can help you: The answer is yes!

During this turbulent time, you are probably finding yourself thinking: Should I sell my Hotel? We can help you: The answer is yes!

Why? Is simple! If, on the one hand, you are thinking of selling your hotel to obtain an immediate cash flow to invest in new projects and ensure support for your legacy, there are an enormous number of investors looking for new business opportunities. Right now investors want to allocate their capital to long-term investments. Your hotel can be the perfect fit for them!

A moment like this should be seen as a challenge and not an obstacle!

This unexpected turn of events in the world will be a turning point for the Hospitality Market. This is the perfect time for you to make a decision and take the next step into an enthusiastically new phase of your life.

Elements to be considered:

  • Price

The price must be fair taking into account the hotel market and its guidelines. The fairer the price, the faster the hotel is sold. A potential buyer does not want to invest in an Asset with an above-average price, but he is also suspicious if the price is below expectations.

  • Property conditions and features

Was your hotel built recently? It is a historic building but has it been recently renovated? What is the number of rooms? What are the special extras that your hotel offers? The more information the better: This will determine how we build your off-market hotel investment case and decide who are the best buyers for you!

  • Operator

Is your hotel part of a franchise or do you do the management internally? Having external constraints can delay the timeframe of the sale on your side, but it can be really appealing for some investors’ profiles.

The three most frequently asked questions:

  • How long will it take to close a sale?

We cannot give an exact date because every sale is unique. What we can guarantee is that the market has been in great demand recently.

  • How much will it cost?

We are happy to have a meeting with you to study your Asset and reach an agreement regarding our fees. Always in the fairest way possible. Our expertise, connections, and negotiating skills will lead to a better profit for you and it will only cost you something if we sell the hotel.
Your success is our success!

  • How to start?

The first step is to send us some information about your hotel and arrange to come into our office to discuss the process. Due to the current social distancing, we can set up a conference call. This will be in strict confidence; we never discuss hotel properties until we are instructed to sell them. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement if required before discussing your hotel.

We have experience in the field and we are ready to provide analysis and guidance to both buyers and sellers. Our qualified hotel investors portfolio is always looking for new hotels to invest in and/or support after the current liquidity crisis.

Get in touch with us for more information!

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