About Alpinea

At Alpinea, we know how to make your hotel real estate investments pay off. Our experienced team of hospitality and real estate professionals brings a wealth of expertise in property investment to the table. Our team of experts has property development and hotel investing experience, so we confidently provide our investors with a medium to long-term returns on their investments. Alpinea assists independent hotel owners by providing them advice on increasing efficiency while optimizing value and through comprehensive valuation services.

“With Alpinea as your partner, dependable yield expectations can be achieved!”

Our Mission

At Alpinea, our mission is to create a bridge between investors and hoteliers by connecting them with off-market opportunities in hospitality real estate. With the current push for more safe haven spaces – be it places to relax or conduct business – we are committed to harnessing decades of experience and expertise within finance, travel, property markets around Europe & North America. Together this allows us all to make an impact both from an investment perspective as well as creating significant value across entire sectors!

Our Vision

Even in challenging times like the Covid-19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine, the world remains interconnected.
The Hospitality Industry aims to foster the local and international communities alike to make them feel welcomed, alive, and integrated.
We understand the important role hospitality plays in day-to-day life around the world: a place where people come together to relax, connect with one another, do business or celebrate successes.
With expertise spanning real estate and finance as well as hospitality services specifically tailored toward bringing our partners’ goals to fruition – Alpinea creates an invaluable bridge between investors & hoteliers alike so that value creation thrives.

our Team

Monica Fontoura

Founder and CEO

Tammy Tai

Board Member

Hans-Peter Betz


Michaël Lagarde

Real Estate Specialist



THE market


Due to the very high volume of clients and market dynamics, Alpinea has decided to strategically focus on high-value new clients and long-term relationship building.


Headoffice Basel, Switzerland.

Delegations in Lisbon, Portugal.

Colmar in France, Dubai, Florence Italy.



Michaël Lagarde



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