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Summer is on its way! We opened our portfolio and chose our five favorite cities to have a summertime experience:


Comfort in the nature of Albufeira

It is impossible to think of summer in Europe without thinking of the Algarve, a paradise in the south of Portugal. And our suggestion is Albufeira because it is one of the most energetic cities in the area and is a short drive from other cities on the Algarve coast. In addition to the wonderful climate, Albufeira has many beautiful beaches (a reference in Portuguese tourism) and in summer the city is full of activities throughout the day and rich nightlife. The perfect destination for a family trip and gateway with friends. Don’t forget to try the amazing Portuguese gastronomy (in Albufeira we recommend the fish dishes!).

Main attraction: Get lost in the historic streets of the city that surround Old Town Square, these streets with the smell of the sea tells the history of Portugal and is full of Arab influences. The perfect plan for culture lovers.



A piece of history just outside the window

A city with so many gardens and rooftops that seems to have been designed for the summer. According to the locals, the perfect day starts with a dip in the sea, a cultural afternoon and an evening full of dancing (in addition to bars and restaurants for all tastes, in the city there are lots of festivals happening all summer). As soon as you get the chance, go up to the Acropolis and have a cool drink while looking around the place where modern civilization was born.

Main attraction: It is on the Athens Riviera, in the south of the city, that you find the beaches. They are a mandatory stop at this time of year. And if possible, take a day or two and take a boat trip to one of the famous Greek islands. The most beautiful jewels in the Mediterranean are “right outside the door” of Athens!



A fairy tale in Sardinia

Clean waters, sunshine, white sand … A tropical destination? No! We are talking about Sardinia! This paradise island in Italy is a mandatory stop in Europe for beach lovers.

The best thing about Sardinia is the fact that it is a very eclectic destination. The island is full of natural parks and playgrounds suitable for children. And its romantic landscapes and charming nooks makes it a perfect choice for a romantic escape.

Main attraction: If you are looking for the best nightlife to unwind after a day full of adventures, such as clubs and beach parties, we suggest: Costa Smeralda, San Teodoro, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Alghero and Villasimius. You can learn more about each one of them in this article. There’s no space for boredom on this island!



Historical building in Barcelona

Barcelona has a number of details that make the city a great destination for summer! First, it is one of the cities with the mildest climate in southern Spain; second, during the summer it is quiet and free of traffic because a lot of the locals are traveling; and last but definitely not the least, it is a city of reference in Europe when it comes to Culture. Don’t miss all the opportunities to try a local delicacy, visit the famous Picasso Museum, and in case you are a fan of sports, do a tour in the Barça Stadium.

Main attraction: We can’t talk about summer in Barcelona without talking about the Barceloneta beach! Imagine yourself there with your feet in the hot sand, a beautiful sunshine and a fresh ocean breeze in your hair. Sounds perfect, right? Fun fact: The beaches in Barcelona are not entirely natural, they were created with sand dredged from the sea bed, and the palm trees came all the way from Malaga.



A piece of Art in Troia

Just one hour outside Lisbon you can find a secret wonder of Portugal: Troia! A sandy peninsula that rises through the Atlantic, in the north of Comporta. The weather in Comporta is mild all year round, and is a sought after for the Golf and the Casino lovers. The options are endless; dive in the crystal clear waters of the reserve of the Sado estuary, do a hike and take the time to watch the many species of birds that inhabit the surrounding nature or take a boat trip –  if you pick the right day, you can even see the dolphins.

Main attraction: The country is full of relics left by the Romans when they inhabited the Portuguese territory. Visit Troia’s Roman ruins, classified as “Nacional Monument” in 1910. Historians point out that they were built in the first half of the first century. In that place they could find salting factories, houses, thermal baths, a mausoleum and its necropolis. A place full of stories to discover!


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