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Winter is almost gone and you know what that means: Spring is coming!

There is nothing more exuberant than Europe in the Spring! It is the epitome of Romance. We opened our portfolio and chose our five favourite cities to have a springtime experience:


Fresh Design in Central Lisbon

Spring is the most suitable season for Lisbon Lifestyle. The city is famous for being sunny the whole year, but in spring colours start to pop and flowers start to blossom. Put your sunglasses, walk near the beach, drink a cocktail in the trendiest terraces and eat an icecream watching a gorgeous sunset in the Tagus River.

Main attraction: Fill a basket with traditional Portuguese delicacies and enjoy a unique picnic in the Portuguese capital. Lisbon is full of wonderful gardens for any time and company.


Funchal, a paradise in the Atlantic

Madeira Island is a portuguese jewel in the Atlantic and Funchal it’s is capital. There is a popular saying that says: “It is on the island of Madeira that spring spends the winter.” And we believe this says everything. Besides being beautiful, the season here is bigger and that’s all we want. Enjoy the colorful, beautiful and welcoming tropical landscapes.

Main attraction: The Flower Festival takes place 4 weeks after Easter, and it is a must see. It looks like Spring has exploded and the result of that is the festival. Enjoy the aromas and varieties of flowers and plants.


Intimate Atmosphere in Florence

Italy is a popular destination in Easter, especially Florence. Why? Because spring brings a magical feeling to the city. The streets start to get filled with people with bouquets in their hands. The best way to enjoy Florence is by walking, and spring is the best season to do that, it is the perfect weather in Southern Europe.

Main attraction: Get lost in the many markets that fill the city at that time of the year. You can find them everywhere! Flowers, food, clothes: you can buy literally everything.


A peaceful heaven in Vevey

The unique area between Vevey and Lausanne is, since 2007, a  UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vevey is the wineyard escape in Swiss Riviera. This city is well known for its wines, so it is overcrowded in the autumn. In the spring you can walk peacefully thanks to the mild weather and admire the landscapes that start to blossom: watch the city waking up.

Main attraction: Climb to the top of Mont Pélerin on the funicular and admire the view whilst tasting a local wine.


Detailed Extravaganza in Zurich

Spring is a magical time in Zurich. The sunshine comes back and it reflects on the river and on the lake, allowing you to see its crystalline waters. You can do a hike through nature, do the roundtrip through the Zurich lake on the boat and delight yourself with some fondue (cheese or chocolate, you choose!) on one of the many rooftops in the city.

Main attraction: The spring festival: “Sechseläuten”, takes place in April and it celebrates the end of the winter. The city is full of flowers, parades and fireworks. Harvest season is officially open!

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